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High quality colour posters for your business needs
Copy Direct are colour print specialists serving the needs of companies, businesses, retailers, tradespeople, schools and individuals.
Using the latest in high speed digital equipment we guarantee accurate and fast turnaround on your poster job.  Our experienced team can offer advice and help on your poster job. 

Free Spot Clear Varnish - Add a clear ink which offers the luxury to highlight or enhance print with high-gloss spot finishes on your banner at no additional cost.

> Printed on Matt 140gsm poster stock
> Posters Sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and AO
> AO Plus and larger – 1500mm x 5000mm  Printed with UV cured inks giving your posters a long term fresh look
> Optional lamination to protect your posters

Posters are used to promote events, grab attention at trade shows, or announce special offers for your in store specials. The size and type of material used depends on the environment it is displayed in and the scale. Will it be indoors? Or does it need to withstand an outdoors situation? Our team can provide the right advice and help.
We know accuracy and quality is extremely important, so whatever your print requirements are you can be assured that they are in the hands of specialists. The team at Copy Direct are here to help.

Our poster print costs are extremely well priced and offer excellent value for money.

Contact us to discuss your poster printing requirements today!

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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